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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Souvenirs and Memories

Oh dear it has been a while since I made an entry here, attributable, I do not regret, to the pursuit of  travels. Remember that bucket list I referred to earlier? Well last week we were exploring another Greek Island, this time Lefkas, again in the Ionian Sea.

Whilst it did not prove to be my favourite Greek Island, I was still captivated by the amazing effect of light and the extent to which the colour blue is all pervading. 

It is perhaps unsurprising that the Greek word for light is "phos" when everything gleams at you phosphorescently. 

Lefkas Town is made up of an array of brightly coloured properties many adorned with even brighter coloured plants and flowers. 

The town was hit by earthquakes in 1948 and 1953 and was, apart from numerous old Italian Churches which survived, rebuilt using a unique wooden frame technique designed to withstand further tremors. It is a distinct change to the usual whitewashed concrete. With the bright colours on the walls and the Colonial style shutters, it reminded me of our trip to Cuba.

As you can imagine there was therefore plenty of opportunity for me to pursue my passion for colour and the chance to photograph it. Yes, one day I really shall get those pencils and paints out again too.

Unfortunately the western Greek coastline was once renowned for its mosquito ridden lagoons and marshes. 

Indeed it is, I believe, speculated that Lord Byron may even have contracted malaria as he travelled that coast, playing his part in the Greece's battle for independence before succumbing to and dying of fever at Missolonghi. 

Whilst malaria may no longer be prevalent on those shores, the biting flies remain and love nothing better than to nip the flesh of unsuspecting tourists; I currently wear the raised red bumps, which have fortunately ceased to itch, as a badge of honour and, together with the photographs and memories, they are the only other souvenir of our travels. 


  1. Lefkas looks beautiful :-) We've been to Lesbos and Paxos and I loved every minute!

    1. Yes - Greece, especially the islands, is now well settled as our favourite place for just relaxing

  2. Your photos are wonderful! Sorry for the bites!

    1. All under control now after a couple of swimming sessions - I don't know exactly what they put in pools but it certainly sorts insect bites!