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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Dry Run

Today Mister E and I both had a day off work. We agreed that it would be good practice for our forthcoming retirement.

It began last night with a debate over the alarm clock; should we set it or should we not? We decided not, but at 7 am this morning then found ourselves discussing the merits of getting out of bed at that hour or dozing longer. It was a this point we diverged. Mister E got up; I remained horizontal for another hour. 

Mister E thinks if we don't push ourselves with set retiring and waking times, we run the risk of slipping into a retirement of total indolence. Whilst I don't necessarily want to rush down that slippery slope, after a lifetime of being dictated to by the clock, I'm more of the "take each day as it comes" school.

So 8 am and we were already going our different ways, a pattern that I then reinforced by disappearing for a swim once I'd allowed a respectable time for my breakfast to digest.

We met up again over a pot of coffee at 11 am and chatted until lunchtime.

It was a glorious day, the sun disguising the air temperature of 6 degrees. I indicated that it was my intention to do some gardening, thinking Mr E might be keen to join me to begin the annual Spring tidy-up. No, he got out his bicycle and lycra and disappeared for his own exercise session.

We met up again over a pot of tea at 4 pm and agreed that this retirement lark seems okay, especially when we don't seem to be tripping over each other all day long. If we can only sort out the bedtime hours, we might find a level of compatibility here.

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