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Tuesday, 5 May 2015


It is said that there is a book inside everybody and that when writing you should ensure that you describe life as you have experienced it. No wonder, therefore, that so many books have an autobiographical element.

Were I to set pen to paper then, and based on my experience this morning, I think I would have to call it "Death on a Trampoline." Come to think of it, that might even make a very nifty title for my autobiography as opposed to a fictional murder mystery.

In my quest for health and fitness, I am continuing to seek out new experiences and sometimes, just occasionally they come to me. This morning that is exactly what happened when Tuesday morning Spin sessions at the gym have been replaced by Boogie Bounce. Ever one to indulge in the novelty of a new challenge I thought that I would give it a go. Basically you take up position on a mini trampoline and then for 45 minutes, whilst music blares out, the instructor yells at you to bounce in one direction or another; shimmy this way or that; kick; jog and jog even faster.

Once you get over the initial motion sickness and fear of falling off, it is surprisingly fun.

Indeed the moral has to be that so long as you have a sound heart and don't mind perspiring like a fountain whilst turning tomato-red, then try it. I was even flattered afterwards when somebody I hadn't seen since a more gentle workout class we had done together last summer remarked on how well I look and how much more colour I have than when I had only just retired! If lying flat out on a bench in the changing room with a scarlet face means that I look better than when I  retired, I really shall have to get bouncing regularly.

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