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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Volunteering Anew

With the European migrant crisis dominating the headlines all summer, I have been moved to take action. Whilst I do not wish to over commit myself with voluntary work, Save the Children, founded as a result of famine following the First World War continues to be active throughout the World where children are suffering and has been appealing for Community Campaigners. The role involves liaising with the media, lobbying Members of Parliament and networking both in person and online in order to raise awareness.   

I applied and, despite a very early train journey, attended an Induction Day in Edinburgh. It was lovely to meet so many committed people of all ages and backgrounds and I only hope that I can play my part to help alleviate some of the horrors that have filled our television screens of late.

In addition I have also taken on the role of Parish Clerk for the Civil Parish in which I reside, after an appeal for a volunteer appeared to be going unheeded. Fortunately it should not be too onerous a role as the Council meets only once a month and we are a very small parish. My main duties will be to prepare the agenda for and minutes of meetings as well as dealing with correspondence and assisting the councillors with the legal implications of their decisions.

I guess it was too much to hope that the great strides I have been taking for a more Bohemian lifestyle would completely sever me from my years of legal practice or the experience gained in seeking to market my own business!


  1. I have found my time as a volunteer very rewarding and interesting. I am sure you will as well

    1. I agree but as I have adapted to my changing circumstances I have had to relinquish some roles and think carefully about what I can now properly commit to. I firmly believe that the more you put in the greater the reward and now free from the shackles of work, activity and commitment that holds my interest is more important than ever.