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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Dark Start

On Sunday night I set my alarm clock and yesterday morning I was awake, anticipating the buzzer and ready to switch it off. The strange thing is that I believe that may well be the first time since I retired that I have actually set the alarm. Moreover it was definitely the first time this winter that I can remember getting up in the dark. Oh the perks of retirement, there is no longer any need to get up before nature intended, to struggle out on an icy road towards a place called work.

Of course it was not work I was heading to yesterday, but rather the local station and a day out in London. The youngest met Mister E and me at Kings Cross and, after dropping all the necessities we had brought for her at her hall of residence beneath the BT Tower, we managed to fit in both lunch and dinner, some shopping on Oxford Street and an exploration of the British Museum before catching an evening train home again. The museum was a good choice as not only did it keep our interest whilst we were there, it provoked much discussion on the journey back as to the rights and wrongs of Imperialistic plundering.

Needless to say we are exhausted today although I blame the power walk along Euston Road last night when we had to hurry to ensure we caught our scheduled train.