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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Saying No to Routine

Flicking through a new monthly supplement delivered with our copy of the Guardian on Saturday and called Do Something, I was riveted by the Manifesto. "Routine is both a blessing and a curse," it read before going on to describe how "Too much routine isn't merely boring- it contributes to the sense of the years whizzing by, because so little takes place that's new."

Gosh that had me sitting up in my chair. Is that the explanation for the last twenty years of my life; gone in the blink of an eyelid? All the time, there was me thinking it was because life was so busy, busy, busy but in reality it had been stolen by the routine and monotony of daily living!

Interesting too, because some of what I have been reading about retirement (usually the chapter I skip over) recommends the need for routine. Perhaps the reality is far more exciting. I hope so, because my original plan for daily living post retirement is now in the process of being re-designed with the adoption of a new mantra: every day will be an adventure!

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